Introduction of AYAM

What is Ariel Yoga and Augmented Meditation?

lydia chen

2/1/20221 min read

What is Ariel yoga?

Do you notice the gravity around you?

Ariel is an Anti-gravity yoga that involves calisthenics and pilates, which bring you awareness of the earth and enjoy the Anti-gravity like life in outer space.

By being aware of gravity, it is easy for us to connect with the universe.

Why augmented reality?

Humans have 5 main senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, additional sensors include temperature sensors, body position sensors, balance sensors, and blood acidity sensors.

I create an extra-immersive way to integrate 8 sensors of humans:

  1. vision- see project mapping with an interactive view from nature or outer space

  2. hearing- listen to nature sound or a specific range of frequency: Schumann resonance, Sun's frequency, and Moon's frequency

  3. smell- incense or flower smell

  4. touch- healing self-care massage and sense the silk fabric of ariel yoga

  5. taste- eat low acidity to change acid in the blood before meditation

  6. temperature sensors- WHO in 1987 found that comfortable indoor temperatures between 18–24 °C (64–75 °F) are associated with health

  7. body position sensors, balance sensors- use ariel yoga to experience anti-gravity can train people to control body position sensors and balance sensors

What is AYAM?

I combine Arial Yoga with Augmented Meditation use project mapping and interactive scene to connect 8 sensors of human.