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2/9/20222 min read

Why I use Frigg as artist name?
Why add 2222 in artist name?
Why I start If WE are on MARS?

Frigg is the heighest goddesses, her name comes from the verb “fríja” = to love. Frigg wears a large blue cape that symbolises the sky. After Christianization, the mention of Frigg continued to occur in Scandinavian folklore.

I want to bring love and inspire people like sky, it is everywhere and it is people always raise their head and looking for.

All my art will based on the time, future, universe and focus on Speculative Design thinking, we are in 2022 now and I hope in the year 2222, human being will still thriving.

The purpose of this project is to raise the awareness of humans thinking about the future by Speculative design thinking.

This project is named: if WE are on Mars? as a human we know global warming first published in Nature, has found that in some parts of the world the Industrial Revolution kick-started global warming as early as the 1830s, we have hundreds of years to tackle the problem, but we just start to seriously tackle it these years, EU’s climate action still leaves room for improvement, especially around the acceleration of the coal phase-out, increasing finance for climate action abroad and going beyond the current 55% by 2030 emissions reduction goal.

Will we accomplish the CO2 reduction goal? Can we save the earth? why do all lead tech tycoons want to "travel" to outer space now? what if someday we can't stay on earth anymore? what if fancy space travel does not like what we think? what if we have to say goodbye to a loved one?

Due to the questions above, I create the exhibition on 2022 with the biggest NFT art platform using green energy in Asia, based on the Tezos chain,

and the other platform in the USA calls New Art City which is a virtual exhibition toolkit for new media art with a focus on copresence and experiencing digital art freely.