Systems Practice

The Omidyar Group and Acumen Academy

6/26/20221 min read

litter producing

How to avoiding-consumerism?

red and white mcdonalds fries pack
red and white mcdonalds fries pack

How might we...

  1. How might we radically reduce the litter in our environment?

  2. How might we raise awareness about littering in education system?

  3. How might we eliminate litter?

  4. How might we bring the necessity of litter reduction into impactful practice?

  5. How might we change how people get food?

  6. How might the data from litter collection (Litterati) be usefully used to impact on reduction of waste, especially plastics.

We focussed on leverage
Raising visibility of the problem:

  • Limiting packaging out

  • put Transferring the costs of litter

  • Implementing the strategy